In Buenavilla, we are a mix of people with a common goal: our guests come first.

Carla and Manuel joined forces in 2017 to create Buenavilla, a company where service is paramount.

We all love Lanzarote and its essence… we enjoy ensuring that you experience your vacation in tranquility and with quality service, so you can appreciate its magic.

Each member of our small family brings great expertise in their own area, making our team excellent.

Together, we help you have a great start to your vacation and make it memorable!


HomeAway, now called VRBO has given us the privileged title of preferred partner.


We mantain the coveted classification of AirBnB Superhosts by receiving top ratings.


Our longest properties have received the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence.

Manuel Suarez


Originally from Galicia, Manuel has been living in Lanzarote since 1998. With extensive experience in sales and business, he co-founded the company with his partner Carla in 2017.

Since then, the company has grown thanks to the great teamwork and meticulous attention to detail. Manuel takes care of sales and business aspects of the company, developing a great vision for the future and a solid marketing strategy day by day.

With a fantastic analytical balance, he can be credited as the brain behind the company. His ability to analyze and make strategic decisions is crucial for the operation and success of the organization.

Carla van Heel

General Manager

With Dutch roots, Carla fell in love with Lanzarote and moved here in 1998.

She developed great customer service skills over the years, which are now reflected in the company. Thanks to this, the company has developed high standards in guest services. She is the heart of Buenavilla.

Her great enthusiasm and passion are noteworthy, always seeking new ways to face challenges and discover innovative solutions for continuous improvement.

Carla is an inspiration to those around her, as her qualities illuminate any environment she is in.

David Newton

Operations Manager

Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Lanzarote a few years ago.

His maintenance skills are exceptional, which is directly reflected in our villas. He is the person who ensures that our villas receive the care they need through the organization of his Property Managers team.

He is always around ensuring that everything goes well.

His smile is very contagious, he is always in a good mood. He is a beloved figure by all.

Ángela García Milla

Admin and Reservations

She is the centre of our reservations and administrative department. There is no doubt or question about accommodation that she cannot resolve, nor invoice that she cannot find.

Always cheerful, she resolves any issues and manages reservation payments, invoice issuance, and account reconciliation.

Ángela radiates a contagious positive energy. In addition to being very organized and professional in her work, she is a great colleague.

She loves reading, traveling, and continuous learning and training.

Sue Padrón

Property Manager

Sue is an incredibly valuable and competent person for Buenavilla. Her ability to pay attention to details is admirable. Always kind and sincere with guests, we find her easy to work with among colleagues.

Furthermore, her ability to identify improvements in the villas, both in terms of maintenance and aesthetics, makes her an invaluable resource for our team.

A lover of cooking and a great connoisseur of everyone’s tastes, she constantly surprises us with personalized culinary delights.

Bert Plaisant

Property Manager

From Belgium, settled in Lanzarote many years ago, Bert is very skilled and fun-loving, with an excellent sense of humor. His cheerful attitude always fosters a positive and motivating environment.

Furthermore, his knack as a “handyman” is highly valued, as he can handle any task related to furniture assembly with meticulousness and perfection.

With his knowledge about the island and his skills in sports such as surfing, hiking, and cycling, Bert is capable of offering guests a truly extraordinary experience during their stay in Lanzarote, through his recommendations and practical advice for those wishing to explore the island’s nature.

Noelia Mañoso

Property Manager

Noelia is a cornerstone in the Property Managers team. Her focused and serious approach to work makes her someone who can be relied upon to fulfill assigned responsibilities. As the veteran of the team, her extensive knowledge of all the houses and their essential details demonstrates her experience and dedication to her work.

The rest of the colleagues can easily learn from her, as she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

In her free time, Noelia, of Spanish origin, enjoys the tranquility of the island, being with friends, and practicing yoga.

Franzi Schmidt

Purchasing and Customer Service

In the office, we always say that the office wouldn’t be the same without Franzi.

Franzi is the person who ensures that everything in the office is in perfect order, supply, and perfection. Always attentive to the needs of colleagues and guests, ensuring their well-being, she is someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of any employee.

Of German nationality, she is behind all guest service, in online chats, and in details with guests that enhance their pampering and care.

In her private life, Franzi is a lover of cinema, music, and long walks on the beach.

Matthew Herbert

Property Manager

Matt, as we call him in the office, is a colleague who quickly gets involved to help in whatever is needed. Efficient and very resourceful, he is very kind and helpful. He has an easy smile, is proactive, and a solution-seeker.

Matt is the newest member of the team, but he has surprised everyone with his quick learning, and he has fast become one of the team.

Of british origin, but having lived more than half of his life in Lanzarote, he brings the best of both cultures to the team. Knowledgeable about the island, he is a nature lover and has his own vegetable garden.

Beatriz Stembert

Buenavilla Select Agent 

Beatriz has launched the Buenavilla Select project: carefully chosen villas following quality criteria that characterize Buenavilla.

Colleagues describe her as someone fun yet responsible, involved, and passionate about any task she undertakes. Having developed a 10-year career in Public Relations, she brings all that knowledge to be a salesperson who offers a highly personalized service.

Beatriz enjoys playing tennis, surfing, and social gatherings with her family and friends. She loves living in Lanzarote and is looking forward to seeing the island grow with luxury properties so she can market them.